The Dream Wedding: Who Is Your Alternative Wedding Photographer?

alternative wedding photographerThe person in charge of taking the pictures during your wedding plays a very big role in the long run. Especially if you have a particular dream of what kind of wedding you want to hold. You need someone who will be able to understand your vision and the love that you have.

The job of a photographer in alternative style is to first and foremost, knows his clients personally. He has to then be able to suit his style with the passion and wish of the clients. And this is on top of the usual photography responsibility they have. How can you find this kind of photographer?

Have a clear vision

First, you need to know clearly what you want for your wedding. For example, you need to know where and when you want your wedding to be held. In a country with 4 different seasons, when is an important question that will help your photographer prepare himself. If the both of you know at least the basic details of the party, there will be more to talk to when you meet.

The clearers are your instructions and requests, the easier it will be for your photographer to plan and discuss with you about it. Then, at the end of the day, both of you are prepared for it.

Get a good reference

The next step is to have someone who has hired a good wedding photographer to give you his review live. It’s the best way for you to know if the photographer actually provides satisfying results and is easy to communicate and work with. If you want to hear our recommendation, check out the alternative wedding photographer from FotoMaki Photography.

This photographer has experience in working in the field for years. Both of the photographers are passionate about their job, the number one quality that we seek in alternative wedding photography.

Willingness to communicate (a lot)

The thing with alternative photography is that the photographer needs to ask even more than usual. You are not just having your pictures done like other people, but it’s something new and different. When you are asking for something new and different from the average, you know that more preparation has to take place. So, make sure that your photographer is easy to contact anytime and is willing to spend quality time with you.

Other factors

Aside from these, the photographer also should have the necessary requirement to fulfill, such as owning a proof of insurance. The photographer also needs to be able to show some of his best alternative wedding photography and explain how they are taken.

Remember that hiring an alternative wedding photographer does not mean you should be holding your wedding in a forest or anything on that scale. If you just want something slightly different and feels like having someone who will be to understand it, that is enough reason to look for one. It could be as simple as having the place decorated with all recycled items.

Some who understands you and the love that you have, capturing scenes at the exact moment, that’s the purpose of an alternative wedding photographer.

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Mistakes Couples Make with Their Photographer in York

photographer in YorkWedding photography has its fair share of problems just like any other occupation you are bound to come across. Sometimes, the photographer in York may very well be the cause of some of the issues that are encountered e.g. running late to the venue, mixing up the photography style or even delaying in sending the final pictures to the couple. Other times, the cause of these issues might very well be the couples themselves.

When it comes to organizing a wedding, it is to be expected that certain things won’t go according to plan. However, of due diligence is exercised and the necessary steps are taken, these things can be avoided. We have listed 3 of the most common mistakes that couples make when it comes to arranging for wedding photographs:

#1 Requesting for Too Many Shots

“I want a shot of me and the groom walking down the aisle, I also need you to ensure my parents crying is caught on camera, Can you ensure that my great grand parents are seated on the love seat while you shoot us smiling at each other?”  These are some of the demands couples make when hiring a photographer. They forget the fact that the photographer is a creative professional in his own right and might want to express creative license in capturing certain images.

Now, if you did your research on how a photographer in York works, then chances are you won’t need to dictate to them the type of shots you will need taken. This includes preparing a 5-page spreadsheet of every possible combination of family shots you will need for your album.

#2 Ignoring the Connection

How are you going to explain to a photographer that you need certain shots taken in a specific manner if they do not understand the picture you are trying to make? This brings us to the issue of connection and understanding. Most times, building a relationship with a photographer over a long period of time goes a long way in helping with the final results you gain.

Imagine being with one photographer for more than 2 years, the process of communication will be a whole lot easier as they are already privy to the way your mind works when it comes to picture taking. If you are taking the step to hire a new photographer, then it means you have to watch out for the rapport between both of you as this can go a long way in building a long-term relationship.

#3 Falling for latest photography trends

Photography trends come and go. What is cool now may become redundant several months down the line. Now. When it comes to your wedding pictures, do you want them standing the test of time or looking boring to the future generation?

Your photographer in York is likely to advise you on the best approach to taking images but if you insist on following trends then there is nothing he or she can do. But, it would be best to pay a listening ear to their argument in favor of or against certain trends.

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5 Steps to Planning a Newborn Photography

newborn photography Raleigh NCAre you preparing yourself to be a parent in a few months? Congratulations! Having a baby is one of the greatest miracles ever happened to women. And we all just wish we can really capture these moments and keep them for the rest of our life! Getting a professional newborn photography Raleigh NC service is one way to do it.

1. Look early!

We know how some mothers think that it will be fine to just look for their photographer sometime later. But, we are telling you that you need to search probably much early than you expected! We suggest that you plan your 5th month the time to look for a photographer.

The biggest reason is that your pregnancy is reaching a stable time and you also feel more comfortable to do things. Morning sickness symptoms decrease much more compared to the first 3 months. Another reason would be because photographers are often booked early. If you wait until it’s too late, you might not even get the photographer that you want!

2. Style to choose

There are basically two styles you can choose from. The first is the usual formal style where you take pictures at the studio. The second is the one where the photographer come to take the pictures instead. Which one is better? Well, that depends on what you love to see! We do recommend that you look at some examples to make a better decision.

If we may recommend you a professional newborn photography Raleigh NC result, please do visit Many of these are the formal ones where the baby is brought to the studio and the photographer sets up the setting, prepare the props and take the pictures there.

3. Look for a professional

There are many reasons to get a professional and we highly recommend that you really look for only a pro. Do not let beginners or people with no proper training and experience to take pictures of your newborn baby. Many safety measures have to be understood and done to make sure that the session will be comfortable and safe for the baby.

For example, you will not want an inexperienced photographer to use the hanging bag prop on your baby. If you set enough time to look for one, you will definitely find a professional to do this.

4. Discuss the details

Remember to discuss the details of the photography properly especially because of the uncertainty of the labor date. What is the range of time your photographer gives to you? Most give up to 10 days before and after the arranged date while others go with a short range. You don’t want to pay and then find yourself unable to get the service because you had your baby a week late.

5. Be comfortable

It’s important to not force yourself when attending the photography session. If you are tired, ask the photographer for a possibility to postpone the date. You will be asked to have your pictures taken as well, so it’s best that you feel comfortable for the session. Enjoy the newborn photography Raleigh NC session and relax as you wait for the photographer to take the pictures.

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How a Wedding Photographer Can Protect Himself

wedding photographer PeterboroughThere’s so little way to go up, but so many things can bring you down from your career ladder. Some can be temporary and insignificant, but others can unexpectedly give you a huge setback. It’s not like we can prevent all the bad things that can happen to us. But you can protect yourself to prevent the damage from dealing as much damage as it could!

The choice is up to each wedding photographer Peterborough. We can only provide you with the options and reasons why they are good.

Best way to protect yourself

Try to think of yourself how can you protect yourself during your career as a photographer. You may be met with clients who think you took awful pictures of them. You also cannot prevent yourself from making mistakes and end up breaking something. Or maybe, some of your gears are lost and your house is half gone after the storm went through the night.

In these situations, what can you do to protect yourself?

Obviously, you cannot protect yourself from storm nor can you prevent storms from happening. When you already know that you live in an area where storms are prone to happen, you can protect yourself from the cost you will have to deal with.

That’s right, insurance is the answer.

How insurance can protect you

There is various protections insurance can give. They range from covering medical fees if you unintentionally injure others with your equipment to replacing your camera as much as a new one would cost. They can cover your professionalism, legal fee and many more. You just need to call an insurance company to know more about this or contact a professional wedding photographer Peterborough from

Now, you know what the answer is. It’s time to know more about the great things about it and the price you need to pay.

Insurance for photography can truly protect everything about it from accidents during work to lost of properties due to criminal acts or natural disasters. You do have to request each of them separately, so you can’t get everything with one package. The amount covered also depend on the premium you pay. The more you pay, the more you are covered.

The issue here is whether you will ever use the claim. If you don’t, insurance companies typically promise that your money can be gained back in the future. If you haven’t made a claim for a certain period of time, you will usually get reductions in premium for the same benefits. Aside from that, there is also a limit to how many times a company can cover for you.

As a wedding photographer Peterborough, you know that your job requires you to go to wedding venues for a whole day. You will also have to carry a lot of equipment with you and it’s not like everyone will always keep an eye on your stuff. Because that’s how life is, we need to be smart enough to know that we can lose our stuff in a quick moment. If insurance can protect you, why would you risk thousands of dollars equipment left unattended without one?

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5 Things Beginner Wedding Photographers Should Do

photographer HampshireWhether you aspire to become a professional cameraman for wedding occasions or simply want to know if this your job, there are 5 things you need to do. They will certainly help you in exploring the world of wedding photography and expect the things that a photographer Hampshire has to face.

Doing your best

Of course, you always need to give your best wherever you go. But in wedding photography, doing your best isn’t just a motivational phrase. You will often meet perfectionist clients and to increase the pressure, you have got only one chance to capture the pictures of the day. If you look at the pictures and thought that, “Okay, I should retake this.”, you’re doomed.

Your client will not accept anything less than satisfying. It’s their wedding, after all. It’s understandable that they’d want you to give your best to it.

Familiarize yourself

Whatever it is regarding the job, familiarize yourself as much as possible. You need to be especially used to working with your current camera. Don’t change your gears if you don’t have the time to explore and get to know how it works best. With your current camera, learn how different modes will create different ambient and feel to the pictures.

For example, how to best optimize the settings under low-light and how to tackle white balance when taking pictures under the sun with the wedding dress shining every vibrantly. Practice and watch a lot of tutorial videos to know what to expect in a wedding photography. We suggest you look at the work of a photographer Hampshire from

Prepare for the troubles

You might often imagine that the work of a wedding photographer is always a guy that goes around the room and is always in front, taking pictures of the couples. In reality, it can be a lot different.

A photographer has to time things closely and correctly. Sometimes, you’re faced with people who just don’t understand when to stop taking pictures in front of you. With everyone owning their own smartphone these days, you can barely find a civilize wedding with no one trying to become the photographer.

There are all kinds of ridiculous troubles that you’ll meet and you can always read about them in the news of private blogs of photographers.

Prepare and prepare

For your first job, there’s nothing wrong with being extra careful about your gears. If you’re not sure about something, you shouldn’t restrain yourself from asking your clients about the details. It’s much better than gambling on the fact that you might be doing it wrong!

You should also check your gears right before you set out. Don’t forget to bring extras because if something is missing or goes wrong, you don’t have the time to go back and forth. Things like umbrellas, reflectors, flash diffuser and things that you think will be useful just in case should be brought.

Enjoy it!

It’s important that you can enjoy the job you’re having. The first day can be stressful with so many new things to learn about. You never knew that a wedding can have so many things happen at once and you seem like you need an extra pair of eyes. But as long as you enjoy your job as a photographer Hampshire, that’s all that matters!

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How to Truly Make it Count

natural funeral flowersThere’s nothing harder than trying to console someone with the fact that nothing can be done about it. The death of our loved one is always a devastating thing; no flowers or gifts can ever console us. Yet, a word or two followed by a beautiful arrangement of natural funeral flowers can show the grieving ones our sincere feelings.

Factors to consider

Choosing the right flowers is important. It pertains whether your feelings, messages, and condolences are carefully thought or not. It will also help the grieving ones in getting distracted from falling too deep in their loss. The right flowers should also be one that doesn’t pose too much inconvenience or discomfort to the receiver.

So, here are the factors to consider:

  • Do they have allergies to plants, pollens or flowers?
  • Are the flowers toxic or poisonous?
  • Is there any cultural value you have to take note of?
  • Do you know the deceased one’s favorite flower or color?
  • Do you know the receiver’s preferences?
  • Are the flowers resilient?

Cultural values

In many cultures, certain colors possess certain meanings and they can either be good or bad. For example, no one wears red to a Chinese funeral. White is their customary color to wear. On the other hand, black is the preferred grieving color for westerners.

Who are the people you’re sending the flowers to? If you have a different cultural background, it’s wise to ask your florist about the right flowers to use. Prioritize this so that the receiver won’t feel offended. It’s a sensitive time for them.

Heartfelt arrangement

They say that sending and receiving flowers is customary; something you don’t have to feel too touched about or special anymore. But, you might not agree to it. You really want your message to be conveyed properly. It’s also the reason why we suggest visiting if you need advice or help with natural funeral flowers.

The flowers cannot be too bright in case that it might appear too out of place or mocking. At the same time, it cannot be too dark or gloomy, which can worsen the already depressing atmosphere. You want to send something that says, “I feel sorry for your loss, but please, cheer up. I really hope these silent beautiful flowers can help brighten up your day even just a bit.”.

Getting suggestions from an expert will help. You might not have time to do your own research, so this is the most preferable way to do things.

Short, meaningful messages

Attach a message to show your loss. If you’re not so close to the people that are left, you might not be able to say much. But meaningful words can really help them cope a little better. It’s not about dispelling the grief; it’s about helping them go through it.

If you were somewhat close to the person, you can send the flowers on your own and instead of leaving a message, you can say a few words face-to-face instead. If it’s impossible, you can leave a short message with the natural funeral flowers and a picture of you together with the deceased one.

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Wedding Photography: 5 Things to be Careful About

Cornwall wedding photographyAs you look for the right wedding photographer, these are 5 things you need to always be careful about from before you book a Cornwall wedding photography session until your contract with them finishes.

1.  He might not show up

There’s the chance that the photographer might not be able to show up on your wedding for one reason or another. In such situation, make sure that your photographer has personnel he can rely on to replace him. You also want to know if that person would be equally professional and will be able to take pictures at least roughly according to the plan.

This is the only compensation you should seek. Not even refunding the cost of the package can replace the wedding pictures you lost.

It’s also best to have this problem stated clearly in the contract to avoid any misunderstandings. It will also prevent unfortunate incidents that befell the photographer to affect you.

2. He might not honor the agreement

There are also cases where the wedding photographer chooses to send someone else to your wedding. Others might run off home earlier than expected. There are several things that you need to take note, for example, in the case the photographer didn’t show up for your engagement photography but sent someone else instead.

In this situation, it’s best to tell the photographer to put the big contract on hold and agree only when the engagement photography went well.

3. Has little to no experience

If you need a wedding photographer, be sure that person has been doing Cornwall wedding photographer professionally long enough. An example of such photographer is You can find here the portfolios and also a short biography on how he’s been professional for a good amount of time.

A wedding event is something that is celebrated only once in your life. Because of that, you want pictures that are only the best, no exceptions. There are no other ways to go around it; you can only do the event once, and each event is different, requiring the photographer’s quick reactions to changes of events.

Such skills are only honed through years of experience of working and attending so many weddings.

4. Contract is disadvantaging

Before you sign whatever is shoved to you, under whatever circumstances, always read the content beforehand. It’s the only thing that you can use to fight for you right, should you find your photographer disappointing. If anything is unclear to you, never hesitate to let the photographer explain until you understand and agree to it.

Several things that you’d want to note would be things like when you’ll receive your album, who’s the owner of the copyright at the end of the contract and penalties at the breach of contract.

5.  Photographer’s taking too long

It’s your right to have the photographer does his job on-time. However, as for how it’s always is with rushed jobs, the results can be disappointing with the photographer under pressure. Which is why it’s best that you emphasize on-time attitude right after the wedding finishes.

At the same, it’s also the best if you can get the photographer to honestly tell you how long it will take for your album to finish. There are times when demand for Cornwall wedding photography service is high and that it will take longer than usual.

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4 Don’ts That Should Make You Walk Away

wedding videography MelbourneYou will be often faced with various offers and attitudes from wedding videographers. Some couples are adamant about their standard and only want to work with a certain videographer. Others, well, wedding videography Melbourne isn’t exactly their forte and it makes you wonder what makes one cut to be a professional?

Here are 4 signs that should get you moving to find another videographer for your special day!

Too cheap

We’re not saying that low-price is always bad, but most of the time, they reek bad news. When many other videographers are trying to make ends meet from their job, how can this one videographer easily shove you such a low price?

To help you imagine, here’s the breakdown. A videographer has to provide consultation for a lot of people, even those who won’t become their clients. They will have to attend their rehearsals and visit wedding venues before the due date. While doing that, they also have to edit videos, send and wait for their client’s input as to which scenes to leave out or add.

Not to mention, they have their own life to live. With so many things to do, it’s obvious that a videographer would want to earn a worthwhile profit. But if this person is ready to go low, be wary of what’s sacrificed for you.

Only talks about themselves

Some videographers are eager to come out amazing in front of their clients. They’d keep talking about themselves or try to offer you various packages you have. At this point, you might think that videographers don’t need that many details about you to take your videos. That is so wrong.

Professional wedding videography Melbourne service by is one that is possible because of this. The videographer explained that the more they know about their clients, the easier it was to capture the best moments. They know what really mattered to their clients and are able to deliver just what they really want.

Cannot give a straight answer/lie

When you’re about to sign the contract, it’s best that you crosscheck the truth with your videographer. For example, the hours your videographer will be willing to spend and the cost of the extra hours. There’s also the copyright of the pictures. And then, the person that will show up to the wedding as the videographer.

If you see that the clauses weren’t clear, you need to make the videographer answer you straightforwardly and if possible, revise the contract to one that both of you can agree on. It seems like you’re being nosy, but this is a much better option compared to having to debate about in the court later.


This is easy to spot. If you’d like to, before signing a big contract, have the videographer take your engagement pictures. You can think of this as a test for them, too. It’s a great chance to see if your photographer is really up to the task.

You can see if the videographer is prepared from here. Did he forget anything? Was he ready if the weather were to suddenly change? Such preparations are important in any wedding videography Melbourne.

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Early Steps to Become a Professional Essex Wedding Photographer

Essex wedding photographerBecoming a wedding photographer is a big thing. It’s different from another line of photography because as a photographer, you are responsible for a lot of things. The clients are also expecting a lot from you as an experienced wedding photographer. You will also, always, face clients who are beginners at this kind of things, because the wedding is something that happens only once in a lifetime.

So, what should you do to become a professional Essex wedding photographer? What are the steps that help you prepare yourself for your first job?

Prepare your gears

First is obviously, the gear. You need cameras, lenses, a firm tripod, memory cards, a reliable computer to edit in, and many others things to complement the condition and situation. You need to make sure that the cameras are always operational during every wedding. Be sure that the lenses are also clean and that the gears are complete whenever you set out.

Have two cameras that you are comfortable to use. Some people got two of the same model, others had a more affordable one as their backup. What is this backup for? In the case that your main fails to operate for whatever reason or is lost, you can snatch out the backup and continue rolling with the party. You should also stock up batteries and memory cards for the same reason.

Learn from those who are pros

Keep learning from the pros. There are reasons why these people are as famous as they are now and things that made them distinct. But you are not to copy their style or their methods because that would unethical. Develop your own style that is uniquely you and loved by clients.

If you are trying to find an Essex wedding photographer on a professional level, try This is a good place to start searching for your inspiration.

Visit the venue once

Don’t forget to visit the venue for a lookout before the wedding day. This helps you figure out where and how to shoot the couples. With your little experience, visiting the place is a preparation that will cover it up as you will be ready on the actual day of the event.

It’d be better if the clients are eager enough to invite you to their rehearsal night. It’s a great chance to also test shoot with your clients and review your plans.

Discuss with your client

Don’t let the conversation end too quick before you manage to ask the questions you have. Your client also understands that you’re still learning a lot and is trying to be careful to not make mistakes. Ask things that can help with the process. It will also help you a lot in the process, so don’t try to act tough and as if you know everything.

Build a good relationship with your clients, because it will determine how they will act around you. Naturality of the pictures is an important measurement of your professionalism. No clients want to look like they smiled because they were told to.

Enjoy the job

Never forget the passion that you initially have and keep it burning. It’s a big motivation to keep you working hard as a professional Essex wedding photographer.

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Keep Your Wedding Bouquet Fresh for The Day

wedding flowersThe most florist will send you your wedding bouquet one day before the wedding to make sure that it is in its best condition for the next day. The best place to get your wild wedding flowers would be Briar Rose Design, by the way, because their florist is amazingly creative and always create wonderful bouquets for their clients.

Anyway, back to how to preserve them. Arriving one day before means that the beauty of this flowers lies in how you will care for them for the next 24 hours. They need to remain fresh and bloom in time.

Place them in a vase

Put them in a vase with water and all the stems have to be submerged in it. Spritz water regularly to keep them fresh and vibrant. You will want to add some floral preservatives into the water, but please care enough to ask your florist which one works for your flowers. They can be made from household items. All the water used must be warm (around 100-100 degrees Fahrenheit) and if possible, distilled.

Lemon and sugar. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of sugar in a quart of warm water. Add a half teaspoon of chlorine bleach.

Vinegar and sugar. Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with two tablespoons of sugar in a quart of warm water. Add a half teaspoon of chlorine bleach.

Carbonated water. Pour two cups of carbonated water (Sprite) with a half teaspoon of chlorine bleach into 2 cups of water.

Sugar and carbonated water are food for the flowers. Having them will the flowers alive and hydrating them will prevent any wilting as well as keeping the appearance fresh. Chlorine bleach will kill fungi and bacteria, preventing unwanted parasites of your wedding flowers.

If mixing your own preservatives are too much of a hassle or if you ran out of the materials, you can purchase floral preservatives from florists or online.

Rid of unnecessary leaves

Although your florist has probably cut unnecessary leaves, when you notice any leaf falling off the flowers into the water, they have to be removed soon. Keep the water clean. Dead leaves invite microbes into the water and may cause other stems to die off quicker.

Don’t put them under the sun

Keep them in a cool room and keep them away from sun exposure. Maintain the flowers hydrated. Use sprayers or spritzers to keep flowers fresh.

In case of closed flowers, the warm temperature can encourage flowers to bloom faster. Using warm water will also help. But at the same time, they have to be kept hydrated. After the flower opens up, move them to a cooler place (or the refrigerator if you wish) to maintain its shape and freshness.

Different flowers, different needs

Some flowers, like roses, need to have their thorns removed. Other flowers with sap need to have their tips flashed or burned to let water flows inside. Knowing the specific needs of your wild wedding flowers is important to make sure that it’s in its best condition for your wedding.

They may even last way longer after that if you know just how to care for them!

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